Classic Solitaire (Free) for Windows 10

Classic Solitaire (Free) for Windows 10

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Free Game for Card Fans

Classic Solitaire (Free) for Windows 10 is a digital version of the classic card game of solitaire. The computer takes care of the duty of dealing out the cards and players simply need to focus on finding the cards that they need to make suits so that all the cards can be played and they win the game.

Deal Me In

One of the great things about Classic Solitaire (Free) for Windows 10 is that the game can be played on any device that supports Windows 10 such as laptops, tablets, PCs and Smartphones. Unlike many other computer versions of the game, Windows 10 does not feature cool graphics or gimmicks, although it still remains very addictive thanks to the pure nature of the game and the retro style is a nice touch and is likely to appeal to older gamers.

Going Solo

People who are looking for a way to kill a little time at work or while waiting for something more interesting to happen are sure to have fun playing Classic Solitaire (Free) for Windows 10. While there are not many features to choose from, this version remains true to the original, although the advertising that pops up through the game can be rather distracting.


  • Classic addictive fun
  • Very easy to play


  • Plagued with advertising
  • Not much variation to the game

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Classic Solitaire (Free) for Windows 10


Classic Solitaire (Free) for Windows 10

User reviews about Classic Solitaire (Free) for Windows 10

  • Tariq Javaid

    by Tariq Javaid

    very intteresting, i like it very much. It has mny options and player friendly

  • by Anonymous

    not opening to play. downloaded but cannot open to play. Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?

  • by Anonymous

    I love solitaire.. I have only used Classic Solitaire with 28 games for years. Due to the change in microsoft to 8 I can't use my old gMore

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