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Help & Info about Classic Solitaire (Free) for Windows 10 for windows

  • Is this the same computerised Solitaire game that came with earlier versions of Windows?

    Essentially, yes. While it contains some graphical enhancements, Classic Solitaire Free for Windows 10 is, at its heart, the same solitaire game that long-time Windows users will remember playing in the 1990s. ITs familiar interface will bring back memories amongst nostalgic players.
  • Does Classic Solitaire Free for Windows 10 utilise the iconic card backs from earlier versions?

    Yes, although there is a twist. The iconic illustrated card backs (tropical island, gloomy castle, robot, fish and hand) are all present and correct, and the user is given the choice between the original designs or altered, higher-res versions. The two patterned card backs bring the total number of available decks to 16.
  • How many ways of drawing cards does Classic Solitaire Free for Windows 10 offer?

    Classic Solitaire Free for Windows 10 offers two different ways of drawing cards. Users will be given the option of drawing cards either by one, or by three. Each option will have an effect on how the game is played.
  • How many odes of scoring does Classic Solitaire Free for Windows 10 have?

    The game has a total of two different scoring methods. The first of these is the familiar "standard" approach; the alternative to this, for anybody who wants the chance to shake up their solitaire game, is Vegas scoring.
  • Does the game cater to left-handed users?

    Yes. While the default layout has right-handed users in mind, Classic Solitaire Free for Windows 10 also offers a mirrored layout designed to provide comfort for left-handed users.
  • Does the program allow the player to time their games?

    Yes. If the user feels like a race against time, then Classic Solitaire Free for Windows 10 allows them to time their games. This will add a whole new dimension to classic solitaire gameplay.
  • How much does the game cost?

    As is traditional with this title, Classic Solitaire Free for Windows 10 is available to download and install for free. The user will not have to make any kind of payment if they feel like sitting down to a game of computer solitaire.
  • Is the program capable of running card games besides solitaire?

    No. Classic Solitaire Free for Windows 10 is designed specifically to play solitaire, and is incapable of running any other card game. However, there are other programs available that provide different card games, some of them for free.
  • Is it possible to save games?

    Yes. If, for one reason or another, the player is interrupted while running Classic Solitaire Free for Windows 10, they will be able to save their game. After this, picking up where they left off will be a simple matter of loading the stored game and resuming.
  • Does the game have sound effects?

    Yes, Classic Solitaire Free for Windows 10 comes with a range of sound effects to add a bit of extra fun to the games. However, since not every player will appreciate this, the game also offers the option of disabling sound.


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